• Follower of René-Antoine Houasse (1680)

    Portrait of Louis Ogier marquis de Cavoye. Attributed to René-Antoine Houasse. French school, Seventeenth Century

    Detail painting for sale portrait louis ogier marquis de cavoye rené antoine houasse
  • Follower of Jacques-Antoine Vallin (1820)

    Portrait of a Bacchante. French school, Nineteenth Century.

    Detail painting for sale portrait bacchante jacques antoine vallin

The Valtesse Gallery is specialized in the sale of antique paintings

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Presentation of the Valtesse Gallery

The Valtesse Gallery, specializing in old paintings, offers for sale, works of the 17th and 18th centuries, not to mention the 19th -- of French, Italian, Flemish and Dutch artists, whether they are known or anonymous. We carefully select our acquisition, focusing on the virtuosity of these artists, on their inventiveness and the evocative power of their work.

Our gallery is characterized on reliability and on our professional skills. Do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email. We would be very pleased to give you any information required.

Expert in the sale of old Portraits

The art of portraits, which could be extremely difficult for artists, as this depended on the emotional and psychological state of their models and that of the settings.
Representations of political or religious figures, of social power and of popular recognition, exhibit the affective and intimate image of these persons. The functions of these portraits are numerous and often complex. Whether they are ceremonial, psychological, allegorical, intimate, mimetic or idealized, their purposes are invariably the same- be permanently memorable.

We gladly invite you to visit our rich and highly selective and exquisite exhibition, offering such immense diversity and selective features of its kind of these remarkable artists !

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